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Up near the crown of Wisconsin you’ll find Saxon, a little town with a population of 315 residents as of 2017. Saxon is fairly close to Lake Superior, which means fantastic views are just outside your doorstep.

Within the town you’ll find the Saxon Pub, a bar and grill loved by both residents and visitors alike. The bar offers a full menu of food items that serves sportsmen visiting the area year round. On the south end of the town is the Iron County Fairground. The Iron County Fair runs from August 1-4 and brings together residents from all across Iron County. Some attractions include carnival rides, prized livestock, and live music.

On the shores of Lake Superior lies Saxon Harbor Park, a campground that offers spectacular views of the lake. In 2016, the campground was completely destroyed by a torrential rainstorm. The construction has been ongoing and should be completed by the time the 2020 camping season rolls around.

If you enjoy the simplicity of small-town living, consider making the move to Saxon. Once you get a look at the views in the area, you won’t want to be anywhere else.

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